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Animated Apollo Mission Patches

This is an enjoyable short video of all of the mission patches created for Apollo. This very cool animation was done with high res public domain NASA imagery, free 3D models, and animation through Cinema 4D with post work done in After Effects.

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “Moon: A Brief History”

Moon: A Brief History. By Bernd Brunner. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2010. 304 pages. Bibliographic essay, illustrations, acknowledgments, index. ISBN-13: 978-0300177695. Hardcover with dustjacket. $16.50 USD. There is no question but that the Moon has had an important … Continue reading

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Setting Course for the Red Planet: Early Flyby Missions to Mars

Robotic exploration of Mars has been one of the persistent efforts of the space age. It began, just as lunar exploration had, in a race between the United States and the Soviet ­Unionto see who would be the first to … Continue reading

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The Cold War Origins of Space Access

It is almost a truism that the primary U.S. space launch capabilities were created only because of the challenge of an exceptionally desperate Cold War rivalry with the Soviet Union. Accordingly, the development and deployment of ballistic missiles, space-based intelligence-gathering … Continue reading

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An Infographic on the Evolution of Space Food

Space food is one of those items that is consistently fascinating. What do astronauts eat, and why. This infographic from Labeley.com has some interesting information. Enjoy.

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Space Navigation: Looking to the Stars

For centuries mariners have looked to the stars to cross the oceans. Mariners at sea carried instruments such as cross staffs and sextants to determine the position of celestial objects in the sky. When combined with an accurate time reference, … Continue reading

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Three Zones of the Solar System

With the success of the New Horizon’s spacecraft visiting Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, it seemed appropriate to discuss hte major zones of the solar system. The solar system consists of the Sun and the objects bound to it through … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “Rocket Ranch”

Rocket Ranch. The Nuts and Bolts of the Apollo Moon Program at Kennedy Space Center. By Jonathan H. Ward. Chichester, UK: Springer Praxis, 2015. Jonathan B Ward’s Rocket Ranch is an enjoyable overview of the Kennedy Space Center during the … Continue reading

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Humanity and the Extreme Environment of Space

Although microbial life might survive the extreme conditions of space, for Homo sapien sapiens the space environment remains remarkably dangerous to life. One space life scientist, Vadim Rygalov, remarked that ensuring human life during spaceflight was largely about providing the … Continue reading

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