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Three Zones of the Solar System

With the success of the New Horizon’s spacecraft visiting Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, it seemed appropriate to discuss hte major zones of the solar system. The solar system consists of the Sun and the objects bound to it through … Continue reading

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How Have We Constructed the Origins of the Solar System Over Time?

Where did the solar system come from? Why and how? What accounts for its evolution over time? Those questions have plagued scientists, philosophers, theologians, and other thinkers from the point where humanity first realized that Earth was part of a … Continue reading

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Publication of my Edited Work: “Exploring the Solar System: The History and Science of Planetary Exploration”

I am pleased to note that this week Palgrave Macmillan released my edited work, Exploring the Solar System: The History and Science of Planetary Exploration. This book has been years in the making, and includes essays on a broad selection … Continue reading

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Video of Solar System Exploration @ 50 Symposium Available

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first successful planetary mission in 1962, the NASA History Program Office, in conjunction with the Division of Space History at the National Air and Space Museum, the NASA Science Mission Directorate, and the Jet … Continue reading

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