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Ten Great Improvised Scenes on Film

In honor of the passing of Robin Williams, CineFix has offered up a list of 10 outstanding improvised movie scenes. They include disturbing scenes by Marlo Brando and Martin Sheen from Apocalypse Now, Malcolm McDowell’s “Singing in the Rain” scene … Continue reading

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Guaranteeing Aeronautical Innovation: Is that Possible?

For the twentieth century no set of technological innovations are more intriguing than those associated with aviation. Perhaps no technological development in this century has more fundamentally transformed human life than the airplane, coupled with its ground support apparatus and … Continue reading

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Why Do Academics Blog?

There is an interesting article in the journal, Studies in Higher Education, published in 2013 entitled, “Why Do Academics Blog? An Analysis of Audiences, Purposes and Challenges.” Written by Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson the abstract reads: “Academics are increasingly … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “Dog Whistle Politics”

Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class. By Ian Haney López. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. There is no doubt, and it is confirmed in this book, that racism is the … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “The Science of Shakespeare”

The Science of Shakespeare: A New Look at the Playwright’s Universe. By Dan Falk. New York: Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’ Press, 2014. I had never before considered the scientific worldview of William Shakespeare. Like almost every other American I had … Continue reading

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The Apollo Program and the Idea of Progress

It is somewhat trite to suggest that America was founded on the idea of progress and that it remains both an amorphous concept and one central to American national identity. In the 1830s an astute French interpreter of United States … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “Pete Rose: An American Dilemma”

Pete Rose: An American Dilemma. By Kostya Kennedy. New York: Sports Illustrated Books, 2014. Pete Rose is an icon, despite all that has happened to him over the years. A player more dedicated than talented he still reigns as the … Continue reading

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Remembering Fred Ordway (1927-2014)

I drink a toast today to a fine gentleman, a gentle man, Frederick I. Ordway III, who passed away last week at the age of 87. Many in the space community know and counted as a good friend Fred. He was … Continue reading

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The Esoteric Mormon Doctrine of Baptism for the Dead

Many have all wondered about it in Washington, D.C., at one time or another while driving around the Beltway and see the Mormon Temple rising before us like the Emerald City out of Oz. What do the Mormons do in there? … Continue reading

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Stunning Performance: Something Fun for a Friday

If you have not seen this performance of “Glitter in the Air” by P!nk at the Grammys in 2010 you are in for a treat. It is really memorable.

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