A Tour of Ancient Rome

This is a really fascinating, and in some instances breathtaking, computer generated fly-around of ancient Rome. It is a must see video.

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4 Responses to A Tour of Ancient Rome

  1. Rome Home for one of the oldest civilizations on this planet.


  2. Damara Arrowood says:

    Id love to explore simulations of ships and aircraft from history, like the Space Shuttle.. especially if there were the option to fly or sail them as well! (I had the chance to use a simulation program at NASA Marshall but was really REALLY unhappy with it unfortunately).

    It doesn’t seem like the public generally has access to these kinds of things even though it doesn’t take a supercomputer to run nowadays. Flight simulators are common for training of course but I doubt there’s much available beyond craft that’s currently in operation.


  3. gdesyon says:

    Great link, thanks! I will send my students to it.


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