Washington Nationals Home Opener Game Results

The opening ceremonies of the Washington Nationals and the Miami Marlins in 2013.

Today is the home opener for the Washington Nationals. After a long winter, and a deeply disturbing political season, I’m ready to get back to something a bit more uplifting. The Nationals are well positioned to win the National League East Division again in 2017, and I hope they will go deep into the playoffs. Perhaps they will even take the World Series. There’s long way to go yet before that becomes a possibility, but at this time of year most fans have visions of a flag flying over their stadium announcing a championship. I’m no different.

Every team has to play 162 regular season games, make the playoffs, and then win a minimum of three series to claim the victory. It’s a grueling effort. And while it is not a given that the home opener is a measure of the success, or failure, that will follow, here is the list of results for opening day for the Nationals since they came to Washington 2005, along with their record for the year. Not a stellar opening day performance for the Nats, but I’m hoping for better things in 2017.

Date of Opener Visiting Team Score Won/Lost Season Final Record Division Finish
4/14/2005 vs Arizona Diamondbacks 3-5 W 81-81 5th
4/11/2006 vs New York Mets 1-7 L 71-91 5th
4/2/2007 vs Florida Marlins 2-9 L 73-89 4th
3/30/2008 vs Atlanta Braves 3-2 W 59-102 5th
4/13/2009 vs Philadelphia Phillies 8-9 L 59-103 5th
4/5/2010 vs Philadelphia Phillies 1-11 L 69-93 5th
3/31/2011 vs Atlanta Braves 0-2 L 80-81 3rd
4/12/2012 vs Cincinnati Reds 3-2 W 98-64 1st (Lost NLDS to Cardinals 2-3)
4/1/2013 vs Miami Marlins 2-0 W 86-76 2nd
4/4/2014 vs Atlanta Braves 1-2 L 96-66 1st (Lost NLDS to Giants 1-3)
4/6/2015 vs New York Mets 1-3 L 83-79 2nd
4/7/2016 vs Miami Marlins 4-6 L 95-67 1st (Lost NLDS to Dodgers 2-3)
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