Wednesday’s Book Review: “Breaking the Time Barrier”

Breaking the Time BarrierBreaking the Time Barrier: The Race to Build the First Time Machine. By Jenny Randles. New York: Paraview Pocket Books, 2005.

I adore books like this, stretching one’s concepts beyond their comfort zone to consider new possibilities. At the same time, however, I feel compelled to approach such works as Breaking the Time Barrier with a healthy measure of skepticism. Of course, most people believe that crossing boundaries of time is impossible, although from a theoretical perspective it appears possible at the same time that it is unlikely.

Jenny Randles, a British science writer, tracks in Breaking the Time Barrier efforts beyond science fiction and wishful thinking to crack that barrier. There are enormous challenges, probably insurmountable ones at least for the projected future, in overcoming the speed of light, understanding and moving beyond of three dimensions into higher dimensionality, and navigating the space-time continuum of a black hole.

Recent investigations undertaken by serious scientists may yield answers to at least some of these questions. The result might be a workable time machine in some distant unimaginable era. Then watch out, fascinating possibilities exist. Read and enjoy, but don’t rush out and invest money in a company offering time travel vacations immediately. It will be quite a while before we see that.

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One Response to Wednesday’s Book Review: “Breaking the Time Barrier”

  1. I love how sci-fi has explored the use of time travel to further their narrative arc. Babylon 5, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc., love to traverse the spacetime continuum. I seriously doubt we will ever see the speculative science of time travel make to the laboratory testing phase while I am alive. My hope is that someone from the future will come back in time to retrieve me and show me the future I will miss.


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