Wednesday’s Book Review: “Space Careers”

Space CareersSpace Careers. By Leonard David and Scott Sacknoff. Bethesda, MD: International Space Business Council, LLC, 2015. 232 pp. ISBN: 9781887022194. $20.00 USD.

This is a very fine book that offers an introduction to the space industry and the wide variety of jobs available to those who seek careers in this arena. Everyone wants to be an astronaut at some point in their lives. For me it was when I was 10 just before I wanted to be a policeman and just after I wanted to be a fireman. I became none of those things, and most everyone will be in the same category. What is possible, however, is to pursue all types of careers in the space community even if you do not become an astronaut.

From engineers to human resources to public affairs, even historians, there are many careers working in this industry. Some are federal positions for NASA or another federal agency, some are in the private sector. All of them can be rewarding and productive, to say nothing of exciting. I recently attended a conference for safety and mission assurance officers working for NASA. What a great group of people and how critical their efforts to the success of the space program. I knew people with those skill sets worked in the program, but I had no appreciation for how central their work was to every aspect of space activities.

This handy little book is an excellent introduction to possibilities for careers in space organizations. It offers aid in the application process, where to go for information about individual jobs, what to do to prepare for a career in the space arena, and how to navigate the range of opportunities that exist. If you are seeking a career in the space industry, this is a really good way to start your process.

I should offer in the interest of full disclosure, that I have known and been friends with both Scott Sacknoff and Leonard David for years. Regardless, the information presented here is most useful. Enjoy!

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  1. Thierry says:

    and if you are really interested in space jobs, point your browser to Space Careers ( This is the reference website for employment in the space industry.


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