Ordway Award for Sustained Excellence in Spaceflight History

For anyone who might have an interest:


Requested for the Ordway Award for Sustained Excellence in Spaceflight History

This award is named in memory of Frederick I. Ordway III (1927-2014), human spaceflight advocate and chronicler of the history of rocketry and space travel.  The award is presented on an occasional basis by the American Astronautical Society and recognizes exceptional, sustained efforts to inform and educate on Astronautical history through one or more media, such as (1) writing, editing, or publication of a book series (as opposed to a single title), (2) preparation and presentation of exhibits; or (3) production for distribution through film, television, art, or other non-print media.  The award process is managed by the AAS History Committee.

Nomination forms are available at www.astronautical.org/awards/ordway.

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