Re-Direct: “Smithsonian Spotlight: Denying the Moon Landings”

467_4_137462_01_760x224Check out the short video on this page concerning the denials of the Moon landings. It’s a Smithsonian Channel documentary. The blurb for the program reads: “The 1960s were a turbulent decade full of civil unrest and political backlash. The Apollo Moon landing galvanized most of our polarized nation, but to some, the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal created suspicion of the government’s motives. These mounting suspicions led some to doubt that America’s moon landings were even real. Apollo astronauts and scientific experts reflect on NASA’s glorious achievement, and the shock of having their accomplishments questioned 40 years later.”

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5 Responses to Re-Direct: “Smithsonian Spotlight: Denying the Moon Landings”

  1. David Shomper, ex-Apollo engineer says:

    Thanks for the heads-up; I can’t wait!


  2. Richard Easton says:

    Wouldn’t the Soviets have attacked the American claims if the moon landings have been faked.


  3. launiusr says:

    Of course they would have. They had both the means to know the true and every reason for exposing American fakery and they never said a word.


  4. Сергей says:

    Re-Direct: “Smithsonian Spotlight: Denying the Moon Landings … – хороший пост, спасибо


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