Re-Direct: “Exploring Options”

1_1259674847_space-shuttle-atlantis-launch.jpgOn May 7, 2014, I wrote a short blog post for “The Mark News,” an on-line source of news and opinion. The piece, “Exploring Options,” is available here. I hope you find it useful. Comments are welcome. One of my conclusions is that the U.S. should invest more effectively in launch technology for the near and mid-term.

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3 Responses to Re-Direct: “Exploring Options”

  1. Guillaume says:

    Very fine and to the point, Roger. My question is: any sense that they might try and work it out with ESA, or are the respective priorities (ATV cargo; deep space probes) just too far apart? (Or budgets to restricted to make it happen soon?)


  2. launiusr says:

    Guillaume, if this goes very far there will probably be some efforts with ESA and perhaps other spacefaring organizations.


  3. Robert Clark says:

    Thanks for the nicely written article. If SpaceX succeeds at flying their own crews to space in 2015, then it would be very embarrassing to NASA to continue to pay Russia to fly NASA crews to the ISS until 2017.

    Bob Clark


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