Re-Direct: Guide to Online Academic Research

textbook-thumb-200x282-80797Accredited has created an on-line resource that will be of use to several researchers. The “Guide to Online Academic Research” offers step-by-step instructions of use to college-level students in undertaking research amid the myriad sites and structures of the Internet. Its major sections are here:

  1. Before You Get Started
  2. Search Engines 101
  3. Evaluate Your Sources
  4. Organizing Your Research
  5. Citing Your Research
  6. Additional Resources

The goal with this guide is to give students the tools necessary to navigate web-based research. It covers quite a lot of information from how to use search engines effectively and assessing the quality of information to critical thinking and proper note taking and organization.

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One Response to Re-Direct: Guide to Online Academic Research

  1. James Fleming says:

    They would gain my confidence better if they spelled “existence” properly in the first line of the online guide.
    Also if their green email button actually worked.
    Help me out here.


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