Redirect: Russian/Soviet Space History Discussion

I wanted to alert you all to a blog conversation about a set of recent books on Russian/Soviet space history and culture that is being hosted by the “Russian History Blog.” The conversation, which will continue throughout this week, brings together scholars such as Lewis Siegelbaum, Roshanna Sylvester, Andrew Jenks, Anindita Banerjee, and Asif Siddiqi. I encourage all to participate through comments. Check it out here.

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One Response to Redirect: Russian/Soviet Space History Discussion

  1. _OM_ (@_OM_) says:

    …Although followup commentary has been a bit sparse, what’s there has been thought provoking at the very least. And not to toot my own horn – D-Day I am not – the commentaries on US vs Soviet space commemorative stamps generated an unexpected discussion thread all its own.

    Seriously, with the guest bloggers present – especially Asif – this is turning into a good show for all who participate. All it needs is fr someone to rouse up Henry Spencer and get him involved!

    [sigh] Pat would’ve loved this 🙂



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