Redirect: “Which Way to Space”


There is an interesting article in the Washington Post earlier this week entitled. “Which Way to Space.” It discusses the presumed debate between old space/new space with each side represented in the graphic above that juxtaposes two launchers. It offers some really fascinating issues to consider, and some that are just plain silly. I’d very much like to hear from people their thoughts on this article and the ideas contained therein.

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4 Responses to Redirect: “Which Way to Space”

  1. I can only quote a commentary by Keith Cowling from his NASAWatch website, with which I’m in complete agreement:



  2. mike shupp says:

    Well… Achenbach’s post isn’t quite the way I recall things going the last 50 years or so, but I suppose nobody’s going to have much interest in my memories in another 50 years. I think he’s portraying a vision of history that backers of “New Space” half-way believe in and would like to see canonized — this is what “official” space histories will someday report if Good Stuff happens, such as Boeing and Lockheed abandoning civil space business and SpaceX and Bigelow and Blue Origins and Richard Branson and others inherit whatever what’s left of NASA’s manned space flight operations after Congress kills off SLS and Orion and “right-sizes” the space agency.

    Not real clear to me the future is going to be so cooperative, but I’m old fashioned.


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