Roger’s 2013 Mid-Season Power Rankings

e9e43e4c-9825-354a-8085-027400f85b28We are now at the mid-point of the 2013 major league baseball season—time flies—and I feel the need to offer my power rankings for the best teams as the season pauses for the All Star game. Some of my favorite teams remain on the list, but the Washington Nationals are not present. I really expected the Nats to sprint to the division title, and probably make it to the World Series, but that is looking less and less likely as they have done less with more talent than any other team in either league. So here is my top ten power rankings at the halfway point this season.





1 Red Sox / 58-39


Having shed a lot of excess baggage over the last year we all knew the Red Sox would be a better team than demonstrated last year. I’m surprised they are this good, but barring a tremendous collapse they appear headed for a post-season berth. There just douse not appear to be anyone else in the AL East to challenge them.
2 Cardinals / 57-36


One of my favorite teams of all time, the Cards are doing it again. After losing Chris Carpenter for the bulk, if not all, of the season I thought they might not be able to recover. Wrong! Adam Wainwright (12-5) and the arms on the roster have stepped up and continued to give St. Louis outstanding pitching (3.33 team ERA, 1.19 team WHIP); and the offense has been outstanding with team leaders Yadier Molina (.335 BA, .382 OBP, .475 SLG), Carlos Beltran (19 HR), and Allan Craig (72 RBI) leading the charge. The Cards need to play to at least the same level in the second half of the season, since they are in the most competitive division in MLB with the Pirates and Reds breathing down their necks.
3 Pirates / 56-37


Could this be the year that the Pirates reach the postseason? I doubt it, but I’ve enjoyed what they have done thus far. It’s obvious that the team is climbing back into respectability after two decades wandering in the wilderness. I really look forward to seeing this team be relevant again; I loved those championship teams of the 1970s with their funky uniforms, odd characters like Dock Ellis and Manny Sanguillen, and a bevy of great players like Dave Parker and Willie Stargell, to say nothing of the incomparable Roberto Clemente. God rest his sweet soul! I’d really like to see the Bucs return to that level of accomplishment.
4 Athletics / 56-39


Regardless of payroll, Billy Beane seems to find a way to put a competitive on the field every year, and some years such as this one and the last it is both an exciting and potentially championship caliber team. Go figure. How come the A’s do this most years and other teams, also claiming small market status have no success whatsoever. What’s more, how can large market teams post over and over again lousy records with only the occasional success? I’m looking at you Chicago Cubs. Bartolo Colon has 12 wins, although he may well be suspended again for PEDs. And Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, Yoenis Cespedes, and Jed Lowrie provide some real pop for the offense.
5 Rays / 55-41


This is a sentimental pick for me, mostly because I really like Joe Maddon and believe he is the most thoughtful and innovative manager in baseball. He is leading a team that is strong on pitching and defense but short on offense toward another 90+ win season, something he has done four of the last five years.
6 Reds / 53-42


The Reds have cooled off a lot from how they started the season, but they remain a strong contender for at least a wild card playoff spot. Whatever the future, I hope it does not include the Reds beating out the Cardinals for a postseason berth.
7 Tigers / 52-42


Mediocre in April, this team has risen in the standings ever since. That is to be expected. What is a little surprising at this point, however, is that they haven’t been able to shake the Cleveland Indians, who remain on their heels. With the best starting pitching in the AL and an offense containing Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera why are they not running away with the division?
8 Braves / 54-41


I wish the Nationals were running away with the NL East, but the Braves are the team that is setting the pace. This is a flawed team that is playing well enough as a team to lead the division by six games, even as the rest of the division trips over their shoelaces.
9 Orioles / 53-43


This is another sentimental favorite for me. I would really like to recover the excitement in Camden Yards during the latter 1990s when the O’s repeatedly made the playoffs. They are not probably going to win the division, but I sure hope they take a wilde card slot.
10 Rangers / 54-41


The Rangers are not the team that failed twice in the World Series in 2010 and 2011, but the core remains. We’ll see what the second half holds.
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2 Responses to Roger’s 2013 Mid-Season Power Rankings

  1. C Reeg says:

    As a Red Sox fan, I love that they’re sitting atop your power rankings. Having watched the Sox all season I feel, with a few tweaks, they are capable of winning the division. I think, though, you have short-changed both the Orioles and the Rays as formidable opponents vying for the AL East crown. Your blog is enlightening and enjoyable. I’m happy to have stumbled upon it.


    • launiusr says:

      Thanks for your note. I agree that the Red Sox are formidable this year. I fully expect them to reach the playoffs, either as the division winner or as a wild card team. I have no wish to shortchange either the Rays or the Orioles, both of whom are also in my top ten. I just don’t see either of them as higher than fifth in my power rankings. I could be wrong, of course. I appreciate your comments. Thanks for offering them.


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