Redirect: “My Day among the Pseudo-Historians”

ancientconfMy friend and colleague Ron Fritze has posted a really interesting blog on what he learned from attending a conference of a group called Ancient Mysteries International. He explains that this is a group of people who are interested in and who are largely believers in fringe theories about the past.  The meeting, held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offered an interesting experience that Ron said “did nothing to change my mind about the essential wrongness of these theories, but it also helped me to put a human face on the people who promote these theories and the people who believe them.” His report on the experience is here. Check it out.

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One Response to Redirect: “My Day among the Pseudo-Historians”

  1. Richard Easton says:


    Thanks for posting this. In 2002, I watched a program on the History Channel about a plane which disappeared in Alaska in October, 1972. It carried the House Majority Leader, Hale Boggs. The first forty-five minutes were a sober discussion of the disappearance. But the last fifteen minutes asserted the J. Edgar Hoover know that people survived the crash but hid this out of animus against Boggs. The problem with this is that I grew up in the DC area and recalled a member of my church being upset when Hoover died in the spring of 1972. It took me only a couple of seconds to confirm my memory on the internet. Hoover died in May, 1972. Thus, he died five months before the plane disappeared. How could the program’s writers or editors not know this? Did they know this and hid it since it didn’t make a good story. Or were they colossally stupid and not check the date of Hoover’s death. There probably are other alternatives but these are the main ones. I find this all too common today in TV documentaries, articles and books.


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